My latest obsession is ridding my house of plastic. After reading this article  which nearly made me sick, I started in my kitchen, getting rid of all my plastic plates and cups. But what about my vast collection of Tupperware? If I get rid of that, how will I store my food? What about everything I buy that comes in a plastic bottle, everything from vinegar to milk? I’m trying to buy things that don’t come in plastic, but since the nearest farm that I can buy organic raw milk from is a thirty minute drive down a country road, it’s not something I can do all the time. And there are many things that simply don’t come in any other packaging except plastic.

So I left the kitchen in search of brighter objects. That’s right, the toys. My kids’ room is filled with plastics of all shapes and sizes: plastic blocks, plastic cars, plastic dolls, plastic action figures….plastic plastic plastic. Blech! I’ve now successfully reduced the mountain of toys that was absolutely taking over my house. Of course, the mountain has just been shifted to the garage, where it will sit until warmer weather when we can purge it in our yearly garage sale, but at least we can walk through the bedroom again.

I also made my first really cool wooden toy purchase, this little boat from Tiny Bird Organics I love that website! So many fabulous things to choose from. I also bought Alice a pair of Chinese squeaky shoes (yeah, I know. Made in China. But at least she’s less likely to be gnawing on her feet than any toys.) and some organic seeds for this year’s garden.

Wesley and the boat

I’m trying to talk my husband into doing some woodworking. I nearly fell over when I saw that a nice wooden toy kitchen to replace our plastic monstrosity would cost at least $100, and as much as $400. I’ve at least got him planning on building some shelves for the kids’ room so the few toys they have left will be nicely organized.

My second reason for wanting to buy nice wooden toys from work-at-home-parents is simply to not give my (okay, my husband’s) hard earned money to the big corporations. I’m sick and tired of giving my measly little money to the richest people who don’t even notice it. The $30 I spend on toys at The Evil Megastore is just a drop in the barrel for them. However, when I spend $30 on handmade toys at Etsy or local craft festivals, those people notice. On my invoice from Tiny Bird Organics was a little handwritten note that said, “Thank you, Julie!” Three tiny little words, but it truly brightened my day. (I told you I was a geek.)

So now that the toy room is under control, I have to get back into the kitchen and find new ways to store my food. Of course, I may have to suck it up and buy glass containers from The Evil Megastore, but I have to pick my battles. Unless anyone knows where I can get some non-plastic food storage from the little guy?