No, this post isn’t all about lime-scented dusting products.

Some friends and I have taken a pledge to implement one new green practice each week. One pledged to get back into the habit of composting her kitchen scraps. Another pledged to kick her paper towel addiction. And yet another decided to join up with me to de-plastic-ize her house.

Now, I’m sure you are hoping that my pledge is to stop making up words. No such luck. My pledge this week is incredibly simple and small. This week, I have pledged to unplug my computer each night before I go to bed.

Simple, right? Did you know that even when an appliance or electronic is turned off, if it’s still plugged in it draws up to 40% of it’s energy anyway? Crazy!  Really crazy!  

We already keep the microwave, toaster, blow dryer, and coffee pot unplugged unless we are using them. The televisions and the computer are the only things (except for our alarm clock) that stay plugged in all the time. It’s a little impractical to get behind the television sets to unplug after each use, so they’ll have to stay for now.

I started my pledge on Monday. I unplugged Monday night, but forgot Tuesday. Whoops. I’ll have to get on the ball from now on.

If you’d like to join in with us, there are tons of super simple things you can pledge to start doing this week. Every week, I’ll post my new green pledge and you can follow along and see how well (or not) I do on each pledge.

Here are some simple pledge ideas for you:

– Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins or paper towels at each meal

– Change your lightbulbs to the compact florescent bulbs

– Take your own cloth bags to the grocery store instead of getting plastic or paper. They are available at many stores for a reasonable price. (Only $1 a bag at The Evil Megastore)

– Remove your name from as many direct marketing lists as possible (! No junk mail!)

– Buy items with as little packaging as possible (large tub of yogurt versus little cartons).

– Use handkerchiefs instead of tissues.

– Use envelopes that bills came in for making grocery lists and other quick notes.

– Switch to online bill pay and stop your paper bills for as many as you can.

– Read the newspaper online

Let me know which pledge you decide to take, or make up one of your own! I’d love to hear how you implement it and how it goes. I’ll have more ideas for you next week.