I have gotten several e-mails from people telling me that they are going green, but it’s purely for selfish money reasons. They have told me that they are using dish towels instead of paper towels, and conserving water and electricity to save on the utility bill. They say, “Surely that doesn’t count, does it?”

I have news for you people: Mother Earth doesn’t care!

Seriously, no matter what your reasons are for living a more ecologically friendly life, it’s all good. Saving money is a great motivator, and a good one at that. The awesome thing about living green is that it saves you green. There’s no need to buy forty-seven different cleaners for different purposes, because baking soda, vinegar, and maybe a little tea tree oil can do just about everything. And as an added bonus, you aren’t sending disgusting chemicals out into the world, which will later seep back into the water tables and poison us all slowly. (That’s a pretty big added bonus, if you ask me.)

When you live green, you start getting more creative. Instead of tossing out that plastic baggy that held today’s ham sandwich, you think, “Hey, I could save that bag and put tomorrow’s sandwich in there, too.”

I started going green in December. Since then, I have saved money by not buying certain things. I’ve saved about $10 on paper towels, $3 on paper plates, $25 on baby wipes, and maybe $10 on cleaning products. That’s $48 in less than three months on just four little things. We used to spend about $100-120 a month on diapers (the cheap-o brand) for two kids. Instead I spent $300 on enough cloth diapers to last us until both kids are potty trained. In less than three months I have more than broken even on my purchase, so I’m home free from here on out. (As long as I don’t spy any super cute diapers.  It’s an addiction, people. Truly it is.)

So keep on saving money, and know that you are doing your part for the environment!