I’m honestly appalled sometimes when I am watching a commercial, or flipping through a magazine, and see some of the things advertised. Disposable cleaning wipes, disposable diapers, disposable cellphones, cameras, and plates. Seriously, when did we all become so lazy?

I used to have a major disposable addiction. If I spilled a cup of water, I’d grab a wad of paper towels to clean it up. We ate nearly every meal off of paper plates. And after Wesley was done eating each meal, I’d use a baby wipe to wash his hands and face.

But now that I’m green, I don’t really miss my paper towels, paper plates, or baby wipes. It’s honestly no harder to grab a dish towel to clean up the puddle or a washcloth to wipe Wesley’s sticky hands. Sure, it means a bit of extra laundry, but it couldn’t possibly add up to more than one load of towels every week.

And since I’m cheap, as well as green, I made my own baby wipes out of a few of the million flannel blankets I got at Wesley’s baby shower three years ago. I cut up two blankets that had never even been used and when I need a wipe, I just wet it down with plain water. And since I’m lazy, on top of being cheap and green, I didn’t even hem the edges of the wipes. I figured that if they eventually unraveled into non-existence, I’d just cut up a few more blankets. So far, so good. They are a little ratty, but they get the job done.

I got a bag of samples in the mail when Alice was born. One of the samples was a disposable baby washcloth, with the soap already in the wipe. All I had to do was wet the wipe and scrub her down with it. Handy, eh? Um…not so much. That wipe had so much soap in it I couldn’t have possibly used it up on her little seven and a half pound body. I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. Then I had to drain the water out of the tub and fill it back up to get all the soap off of her. Gee, what a time saver. Really, I’m confused at the purpose of this little wipe. How hard is it to squeeze a bit of soap onto a washcloth and wipe the baby down?

The one disposable item I refuse to give up is toilet paper. Hardcore greenies use ‘family cloth’ for all their wiping needs, but I just can’t do it. I’ll wash dishes, handkerchiefs, napkins, baby wipes, diapers, dish towels…just don’t make me wash ‘family cloth.’ Never say never, though, because six months ago I would have never pictured myself washing cloth diapers, but here I am.