Wesley and Alice in the cave 

I’m sooooo ready for spring. I swear, this has been the longest winter in the history of winters. I feel like I’m in the middle of Laura’s Long Winter.

Now, I realize that it has not technically been that long. But I have two children who love being outdoors. The three of us are going stark raving mad for being cooped up in the house all day long. It’s been a long time since the temperature even reached above freezing.

Wesley is so desperate to get out that when I open the door to get the mail, he pushes past me and stands on the porch, shivering while I urge him to come inside. He’ll usually concede without a fuss if I let him ring the doorbell, but then he goes to the back door and stares out into the frosty yard, asking, “Side? Side? Wesley go side?”

While we huddle ‘round the fire (okay, around a heating vent, whatever) we dream about long walks around the town square, visits to the park, and swinging in our backyard. We dream of drop-kicking our puffy coats into the deepest closet and busting out the tee shirts.

Ryan and I are also dreaming and planning our vegetable garden. Neither one of us have ever had a garden before, although he used to help his mom with hers when he was a little boy. I’ve purchased several little packets of seeds, and every so often I get them out and read over them, utterly lost.. Zones? Germination? This plant needs lots of water and sun, this plant needs a lot of water and shade, and this plant over here needs something altogether different. My plan for dealing with this? I’m gonna toss them into the garden and hope for the best. (More or less.)

I’ve done all the reading I can possibly do on gardening, and I’m still dazed and confused. But, like anything, I imagine there is no better way to learn than just jumping in and figuring it out as I go. That’s pretty much how I learn everything.

But until that first warm spring day arrives, we’ll be stuck here in the house, going out of our minds with cabin fever.