Well, my first week of the Green Pledge is over. My pledge was to unplug my computer every night. The results are in…I didn’t do so hot. I forgot two nights, and on a third night, I didn’t remember until I was up at midnight with the baby. But four and a half nights out of seven isn’t too bad. I’ll just have to do better this week! I’ll continue to keep up with my first green pledge, as well as start my next one.

My pledge this week is to make all the bread we consume in the house. I’m not sure if that’s an environmental pledge so much as a health pledge, but I’m looking forward to it. I have my recipe, I have all my ingredients, and I’m ready to get to work tomorrow.

Not only will we be able to cut out a significant amount of high fructose corn syrup, which lurks in nearly every single bread on the market, but the manual kneading is a major workout!

Let me know how your green pledge went last week! And of course, let me know what you pledge to do this week!