Ahh…once again the smell of baking bread wafts through the house. But this time, there is bread to enjoy after smelling it for an hour. Yay! It’s good!

In fact, since it was just Wesley and I tonight, (well, and Alice, but since she doesn’t really eat food yet I’m not counting her) we had fresh baked bread and smoky cheddar cheese, purchased from the Mennonite market, for dinner. Yummy!

I have to admit, half the appeal of homemade bread, for me, is feeling like a pioneer as I knead the dough and put it aside to rise. I feel like Ma Ingalls, working the dough with two children tugging on my apron strings blue jeans.


Tomorrow, there will hopefully be homemade butter as well. We made a trip to an organic, family-operated farm this morning to purchase fresh, raw cow’s milk and some eggs. Aren’t the eggs pretty? I just love that they are different colors. The green one is my favorite. I’ll probably put off using it until the very last so I can admire it each time I open the carton.

                                                        Milk and cream

I skimmed the cream off the top of the milk and put it in my Tupperware Quick Chef with the paddle attachment. I bought the Quick Chef two years ago and have only used it about four times now, so I’m glad to have a reason to use it. The butter directions I found said to bring it to room temperature first, so it’s currently sitting on the counter, hiding under a towel. Why the towel? Well, because Wesley freaks out when he sees the Quick Chef and wants it. He neeeeeeeds it. He MUST have it, absolutely that instant, or all shall perish a most painful death: Death by Whining.

Anyhow, I’m excited to see how the butter turns out. It’ll have to wait until Wesley goes to bed so I can churn whine-lessly.

I bought the enamelware pitcher at the Mennonite market today to hold our milk, because the glass gallon jars are super heavy, and I could picture myself dropping one on the floor and shattering it.

I wondered how Wesley would react to the new milk. He’s very picky and resists any changes. I poured him a cup of milk and waited while he took a drink.

“Huh?” he asked, peering into his cup. Then he grinned and downed the entire cup. “Please milk!” he requested, holding the cup out to me to refill.

So I guess it’s good! I’m not a big milk fan, and can really only drink it with a big cookie or bowl of oatmeal, so I’ll have to wait to see if I like it.

Wesley drinks a LOT of milk, so I was really interested to see the many benefits of raw milk. Definitely check that site out, and be sure to read about the health benefits. It’s amazing!

All in all, it was a productive day on the homestead.