Whyyyyyy are people so wasteful?

I felt bad enough today that we forgot our cloth bags on our visit to The Evil Megastore’s Slightly More Fashionable Little Sister (a.k.a., Target). We bought some new stainless steel pots and pans to replace our flaking Teflon set, as well as some wooden utensils to replace the plastic ones.

At the checkout line, I was trying to make sure that the cashier put as much in a bag as could possibly fit. I felt great guilt over every plastic bag she filled, so I wanted to minimize that as much as possible.

Then she put ONE bag of chips in a separate bag. Now, I don’t need a bag to carry a bag of chips. That just seems silly. So I took the chips out, stuck them on top of the cart, and handed the bag back to her.

Without thinking twice, she wadded up the bag and stuck it in the trash can. My jaw dropped.

Seriously, lady! The bag held a clean bag of chips for approximately 2.5 seconds. I highly doubt that it was so contaminated that it couldn’t have been reused to hold the next person’s ONE sweater.

I’m not the kind of person who will say something to someone’s face; I’m much too shy. Instead, I’m the type that will go behind their back and blog about it. I just hope that the few of us in the world who are doing our part can help to counteract such wastefulness.