Ah, sweet merciful spring.

Today was a gorgeous day. It’s pretty windy, but the temperature is in the mid 60s so it’s absolutely lovely. And, by some strange alignment of the stars, my husband was sent home from work early and we were all able to enjoy this fabulous day together.

We decided to throw some shrimp on the barbie (er…I mean, some pork chops for Ryan and garden burgers for me and Wesley), but we were out of hamburger buns so we decided to take a walk to the grocery store up on the square to pick some up. I tied Alice into the mei tai and we took off walking. Wesley sat in the stroller, reveling in being outdoors finally. He was swinging his legs and singing, pointing out everything in sight, from a cat in a shop window to a funny-looking leaf on the sidewalk.

But horror of all horrors, our little corner grocery store has closed. For good. Boo hoo! I’m incredibly saddened by this. On nice days last year, in an effort to save on gas, we’d walk to the grocery store to pick up a few days worth of food. It is only about four blocks, and with the stroller we can carry as much as we need. So now that the store is closed we’ll have to drive across town every time we need any little thing.

While the burgers and pork chops cooked, we all played out in the backyard. Ryan and I paced out our garden plot while Alice sat nearby on a blanket. Wesley ran all over the yard like a little maniac.

                            Willow house

My favorite new thing in our backyard is the little willow house. (Can you see it? Wesley is standing in the middle of it.) I got the idea from this website. They are located in the UK, so it wasn’t exactly feasible to order from them. We decided to try our own hand at building one. Apparently, if you cut branches from a willow tree and stick them in the ground, they will take root and begin to grow.

Ours isn’t as neat as on the website (and no where NEAR as cool as this one) but I think it’s pretty neat. It’s still a work in progress. To make it, we took cuttings from a willow tree in my grandma’s yard, and Ryan poked each branch into the ground and tied them together where they met in the middle with twine. We would like to get some more cuttings and make the sides a little more solid. According to the website, by this spring we should see some green leaves and this summer there will be a nice leafy playhouse for Wesley to hide out in. (And maybe Mommy, too.)

It’s not much to look at now, and I’m sure our neighbors are looking at this weird growth of woody stems in our yard in total confusion, but if it takes root it should be really neat. Plus, it was totally free to build, and way more attractive than one of those plastic playhouses. I’ll be sure to post updates as it begins to leaf out so you can see how it turned out!