Sometimes I feel like I come off like a little green goody two-shoes in my blog. I’m not really like that. I do a lot of things that aren’t necessarily good for the environment.

I’d say my worst eco sin is my water usage. Sure, I do a lot of things that conserve water: I only run full loads of dishes and clothes, I don’t wash most clothes or towels after only one use, and I turn the water off when I’m brushing my teeth. I also try to follow the Old Hippy Golden Rule:

If it’s yellow, let it mellow,

If it’s brown, flush it down.

But none of those things really take any effort on my part. In fact, most of them play into my lazy nature just fine. It means less laundry, dishes, and flushing. (Not that the last thing is so hard.)

I’m really bad about taking super long, very hot showers. Most days, taking a shower is the only time I have to myself, and I milk it for all it’s worth. One day, I actually found myself giggling quietly as I shut the door to the bathroom, enjoying the blessed silence. (With a few muffled screams coming from the bedroom where I’d left the kids with Ryan.) I try to reason with myself that since I don’t even get a shower every day, one very long shower equals the same amount of water if I took a short shower every day, but it doesn’t make me feel less guilty as I watch the water slide down the drain.

Another problem is the pretty little girl constantly attached to my hip. I have to do everything one handed, which means that if I want a glass of water, I have to put my glass on the counter, turn the water on, put my glass under the tap and fill it, put the glass back on the counter and then turn the water off. That wastes a bunch of water. If only I could grow an extra arm…

I still haven’t found anything to use instead of sandwich bags and freezer bags. There’s this nifty little thing for taking sandwiches to work and school, but Ryan has adamantly refused to use one. And that still doesn’t solve the problem of where to put things to freeze them. So we go through a ton of plastic baggies and freezer bags.

We also use a ton of q-tips, and toilet paper, neither which I’m ready to give up yet.

So there. There are my eco confessions. My econfessions, if you will. What are yours?