I’m so pleased with our backyard lately. First of all, the garden plot is ready to go. We’ve already planted potatoes and onions, and we’re now just waiting for the days to stay warm enough so that we can plant corn, carrots, beans, peas, and broccoli. We’re also going to put in a small plot for watermelons and cantaloupe.

It was amazing the number of rocks that we (okay, Ryan) pulled out of the garden. We (okay, Ryan) first turned the dirt over with shovels and removed about two wheelbarrows full of rocks from the earth. (Along with a few bricks, an old window weight, two rusty matchbox cars, and an enormous old broken pipe.)

 I had Alice on my back in the mei tai, and I was feeling pretty cool with my shovel. I felt like a Native American woman with my papoose on my back. But, um…wow, that’s hard work. Using a shovel and turning over scoops of dirt is hard enough as it is. Add an extra sixteen pounds on your back, a wiggling sixteen pounds at that, and it’s darn near impossible. Ryan told me what a big help I was, but he was totally lying. I was about as much help as Wesley, who was at one end of the garden, digging in the dirt with his spade, industriously filling and then dumping a bucket.

 Once Ryan’s mom and step-dad showed up with the tiller, it was a breeze. Well, it was a breeze for me, because I just stood on the side of the garden and watched. But the garden was all ready to go after just a few passes with the tiller.

 Ryan also put up a clothesline for me. I really wanted one of the old umbrella-style lines, which, as you can see, I got. I wanted this kind because it would take up less space in the yard, and also it looks totally retro cool. On the line is one day’s worth of diapers for two kids. (Amazing how much they can pee, huh?)

Hopefully, in a few more weeks we can plant the rest of the garden. And with any luck, we’ll be eating our own vegetables and fruit this summer!