I’ve been trying to talk Ryan into selling our enormous riding lawnmower. We have a modest yard, and an even more modest garage, and the lawnmower is just entirely too big. mower

                 Scotts 20-Inch Push Reel Mower #2000-20

I’ve been eyeballing reel lawn mowers, you know, the kind you push.  I found this one at Amazon and I want it. For $140, we could get the mower, blade sharpening kit, and grass catcher. It even has free shipping!

But Ryan’s a big ol’ party pooper and says no. He even says no when I say that I’ll mow the yard. Mowing the yard is kinda his “thing” and he really enjoys doing it. I think it would be a lot more enjoyable for the whole family if we didn’t have to stay cooped up in the house, with Wesley pressed against the door crying to go out, whenever it’s time to mow.

Of course, the fact that the reel mower fits into my image of the perfect green home doesn’t hurt!