Our new lawn mower arrived this week. Somehow, it arrived in three separate shipments (mower, sharpening kit, and grass catcher) so way to go Amazon on the fuel efficiency thing there. (Where’s one of those eye-rolling smileys when you need one?) Worst of all, both the mailman and the UPS man rang our bell to give us our packages…during nap time. Ugh.

Once everyone had stopped crying from being woken up, we waited impatiently for Ryan to put the mower together. (He cried the most over being woken up, I think. It was his first nap in ages.) We went out back to give the mower a trial run. Sadly, the grass was still a bit too short to give it an accurate test, but we mowed down a few tufts of taller grass here and there. It worked really well! I was surprised by how easy it was to push, and the sound of the blades is much more pleasant to the ear than a motorized lawn mower.

Ryan was the first to test it out, and Wesley trotted behind him whining, “Wesley do it, Wesley do it!” I was just a few steps behind, begging for my turn, too. I think that is the first time I have ever asked to mow the yard. Anyway, it’s neat because in a few years, Wesley will be able to use it on his own, and I won’t have to worry about him getting his foot cut off like I would with a regular mower. It would take a lot of effort to manage to cut a limb off with this machine.

Once we had cut everything that could possibly be cut, we sat in the swing, enjoying the lovely day. Then I saw it.

After all my rants and raves about littering, about using reusable bags for grocery shopping, it is like a slap in the face. The fates must be laughing at me.

Because there is a plastic bag stuck in one of our trees, so far up it would be impossible to get down. That thing is going to be there until the end of time. Every time I look out my kitchen window, I will see it. It was really cute, though, when I complained to Ryan about it. Wesley said, “Wesley get it!” and ran down to the base of the tree, and proceeded to reach and jump as high as he could, trying to reach this bag.

That’s my little treehugger! 🙂