I’ve been obsessed with teeny little houses lately.

It all started when we drove past a really cute wooden shed, with a little porch and a loft. It must have been about 200 square feet. “I could totally live in something like that,” I said offhandedly. Ryan agreed.


(Check out http://msplayhouses.com/ for more on the above tiny houses.)

Then I started thinking about it more and more. How cool would it be to buy a little land and build our own little house on it? How AMAZING would it be to be out from under our mortgage, and actually own something free and clear? I’m tired of the bank getting all my money!

Obviously I’d want something a little nicer than the shed we saw, but after doing a little Googling, I’ve found some really cool websites!

This first one is one that I’ve been drooling over for awhile now. A young couple bought a few acres in Alaska and built the most gorgeous log cabin I’ve ever seen, by hand, with only a little help here and there from some friends. There are tons of pictures of the entire building process, and it’s really fascinating.

This website has a lot of great information about building a small house. This is my favorite one, and probably the closest to what I’d actually like to do. This one was built for around $6,000, which is amazing!

Then there are these. The Tumbleweed houses are a bit smaller (not to mention more expensive! Holy cow!) than I’d like, but I find it amazing that they can fit all the amenities of a house into 70 square feet.


You just can’t get any more Little House than building your own little cabin! Hey, if Laura and her family could cram all six of themselves all into a one room shanty, surely me and my family can fit into a comfortable little cabin.