I found this really cool website called Low Impact Living where you can calculate your impact on the earth. They ask you questions about your house size, how often you cook, do dishes and laundry, and drive. Then at the end of the quiz, they give you some suggestions for offsetting your impact. Some of them are cheap and easy (installing aerators on your faucets for $6 can save $66 annually) and some are expensive and major changes (installing a whole-house solar system to the tune of over $40,000).

An average score is 100, and my family’s score came out to be 81. So we’re better than average, but not great. One of our biggest problems is our 25 year old heating and cooling system. I can imagine that we are sucking up energy left and right, but at this time, we just can’t afford to change it out. (Especially since we don’t plan on living here for too much longer!)

The website also has some fantastic ideas for home remodeling, grocery shopping, and has some links to really amazing green products, many with customer reviews.