Where we live, trains go roaring through no less than twenty times a day. They clog up the crossings, and in my mom’s town, when a train is across the tracks there is no way out of town.

The trains do nothing for our communities anymore. We can’t travel by them, they don’t deliver goods to us, and they don’t take goods from our towns.

The other day, my parents, husband, and I were all doing our usual complaining about how obnoxious the trains are through town. We all said we’d find them much more agreeable if they benefited our community in some way. Because my mom lives in a teeny tiny towns, thirty minutes drive from the nearest large grocery store or shopping of any kind, and gas prices are sooooo incredibly painful right now, we all thought it would be awesome if they had passenger cars on the trains.

How nice would it be to be able to hop on a train and go shopping? The trains pass right through the towns anyway. If enough people would actually use it, it might really cut down on the number of cars on the road. Plus, it would be a lot of fun.