Do you want to know what the toughest thing was about our Earth Day Experiment? Staying away from the computer! I swear, I’m addicted to the Internet. A ‘Netaholic, you might say. There’s this episode of South Park, in which everyone in town loses their Internet connection. People start freaking out since they can’t check their e-mail, purchase books from, or look stuff up on Wikipedia. One of the characters, Randy Marsh, suffers from a cough and fever, but since he can’t get on WebMD, he doesn’t know what’s wrong with himself. Anyway, that’s kind of how I felt on Earth Day, staring at the black computer screen. Erm…I think it’s probably a good thing I shut it off for a day.

Other than the withdrawals I suffered from the ‘Net, our experiment went pretty well. We even walked instead of driving to the bakery  to buy bread, and while we were there, we ate some of the most delicious sub sandwiches we’ve ever eaten in our lives. Yum! Well worth the long walk. In fact, we think we’ll make that walk a little more often.

Of course, later that evening, Ryan was invited to a baseball game. So they drove to The City, totally negating anything we’d done earlier in the day. But I suppose since it was the first ball game he’d been to since he was ten, he was entitled to go.

All in all, it was a really great experiment. Next year, we might try to go even farther with it, and completely do without any electricity at all.