That’s right, garage sale time! I absolutely love going to garage sales. I like holding my own slightly less, but this year, I’m really looking forward to it. Today we started The Big Purge.

I sorted through mountains of baby clothes, and I now have four massive garbage bags full of clothes that will go in the sale. I sorted through all of our kitchen stuff, went through both Ryan’s and my clothes, and have an enormous pile of baby paraphernelia in the bedroom, all ready to be sold in one fell swoop on the front lawn.

I’m a little overwhelmed at deciding on prices for everything. I don’t want to overprice anything, but I want to get my money’s worth, too! How much do you charge for a onesie? A crib? A maternity shirt? Gak! It’s too many numbers! Math was never my strong suit.

We’re basically trying to scale down most of our belongings so that we can fit into our tiny little dream home, which doesn’t exist yet. Once the house is less bloated, we’ll be calling our real estate agent to come over and tell us how much our house is (or isn’t) worth. This is what I’m most nervous about. I’m terrified that we won’t be able to sell the house for enough to get out of here, and we’ll be stuck in the house indefinitely. Blast you, crappy housing market!!!