I’m drooling over these bakfietsen. They are a Dutch cargo bike that can hold two to three children, groceries, and whatever else you can think of to cram in there. The difference between a bakfiets (It’s pronounced BAHK-feets and is Dutch for box bike) and most cargo haulers is that instead of putting the kids in a low trailer behind the bike, they are right in front of the handlebars.



How cool is that? Unfortunately, the price pushes them a tad out of my price range. How much, you ask? Oh, a mere $3,000…plus shipping from Portland, Oregon, the only location in the US that sells these bikes. And since my price range is roughly $2,800 less than that, I guess I’m just out of luck.

But I do want to get a bike and start running my errands on my own power. We only have one car, and it would be very handy to have a second “vehicle.” I’ve decided that since I can’t have the fancy awesome Dutch bike, I want an old school retro bike. Something like this:


So I’m going to be scouring garage sales this spring, in search of the perfect (and cheap!) vintage bike. They just don’t make things like this anymore, anyways, if they do, they don’t sell it at Walmart in the bike section. Besides, buying used is always a green thing to do!