Even though I hadn’t been on a bicycle for (gulp) probably eight years, I hopped right on my new bike and took off. Like my dad would say, I rode like the wind. I guess it turns out that riding a bicycle is just like, erm, riding a bicycle. Hey! That’s where they get that saying.

Yup, I got a new bike. I couldn’t hold out for a good find at a garage sale. So instead, I bought a new one at a bike shop. I love it! (Picture of me on it coming soon!)

Today I even took two carbon emission-free trips to do a few errands. The first time I rode to the bakery and picked up a loaf of bread. (I stretched out the quarter mile trip to about a mile and a half because it was so fun.) Then this evening, I rode to the grocery store to pick up a few things for Ryan’s work lunches this weekend.

On the way back from the grocery store, I saw something that made me very sad. There was a small herd of cattle gathered near a fence at the side of the road. I was just chatting away with them (yeah, I’m weird, I know) when I noticed that one of them was chowing down on a plastic grocery bag. I stopped to try to coax it away from her, but as soon as I stopped the bike they took off running. So anyway, I just saw your cheeseburger eating a bag. How gross is that?

Out in the backyard, exciting things are happening. Our potato plants are growing nice and tall, and the corn, peas, and beans have all popped up. No sign of any carrots yet, and we’ve given up on the onions ever sprouting, so we’re going to go and buy some bulbs to plant.

And the willow house is budding out!!! This is super exciting for me. Once it gets a bit more impressive I’ll snap some pictures of it for the blog.

Back to the subject of bicycles, here is an inspiring page with pictures of Dutch people riding bikes. I love the pictures of all the women in heels and skirts, with kids piled all over their bikes looking extremely bored. It makes me feel good about my plan to pile my own children all over my bike and ride around town in flip-flops.