I’ve issued a personal gas challenge for this household.

Last month, we spent $300 on gasoline. Approximately $80 of that was to send Ryan to work, which is non-negotiable. However, the rest of it was largely unnecessary.

My goal is to cut our gas spending this month to $200. Next month, it will be only $150.

This month, we have some driving that will have to be done. We have our nephew’s first birthday party, Ryan’s sister is graduating from high school, and Wesley’s third birthday is at the end of the month. All of these things mean we will have to do some driving. I’m not willing to miss out on our family’s special days, or cut out our annual trip to the zoo for Wesley’s birthday.

So each week, I’m going to post on here how much we spent on gasoline so that I have some accountability for how much we are spending.

For week one of the challenge, April 27th to May 3rd, we have spent $47.75. That is one tank of gas. We have already spent 1/4 of our monthly budget for this month, and we have four more weeks to go! (Yeah, I’m counting a few days in April as part of the month.)

I invite you to try your own personal gas challenge!ย Figure out how much you are spending on gas each month, and try to shave a few bucks off of that amount. How will you accomplish this? Will you walk or ride a bike? Take public transportation? Stay at home all month? Let me know!

Hey, with gas prices rising every day, we can all use all the savings we can get!