We did pretty good again this week! For the week of May 4-10, we spent $49 in gas. That is one tank of gas, which was used only to send Ryan to work and back.

We used the car twice this week. Once to make a large grocery trip (I haven’t gotten my rack and baskets yet for my bike, they are ordered from Amazon and on the way, though.) and once to go out to eat with my parents. (We don’t have seats or a trailer for the kids yet, so trips with the kids are still out of the question.)  These trips were both around one mile.

So that brings us to a grand total of $96.75 so far for the month of May, and it’s not even halfway over. Luckily, this tank of gas should hold out until next Saturday or Sunday. We’re still on track for making my $200 goal, but going to the zoo at the end of May for Wesley’s birthday may just push us over the limit.

I’m now seeing that spending only $150 a month just isn’t going to happen, especially with gas continually on the rise. Even if we go NOWHERE but to work, we’ll have to spend a minimum of $200. I’m kind of bummed about that. If I didn’t love our little town so much, I’d think maybe it was time to move closer to Ryan’s job. But ugh, I really hate the thought of that.

I think it’s time to get the car a tune up and see if we can’t get a bit better gas mileage. According to TreeHugger,if every American’s tires were properly inflated we could save around 2 billion gallons of gas each year! Holy moly!