Grocery Getter

Yesterday I rode my bike to the grocery store and filled up my new baskets for the first time. It worked MUCH better than the backpack on my back! I actually made it home with a loaf of bread that was still shaped like a loaf of bread this time. We were all getting a little tired of eating sandwiches on bread that had been squished to the size of a credit card.

While I was loading the groceries into the baskets in front of the store, a guy in his pickup truck was watching me. I don’t know if he was checking out my butt or waiting for me to fall on said butt once my bike was loaded, but either way it made me nervous. It was a little wobbly on the first pedal, and I bonked my heels against the baskets on the first rotation, but before I’d even made it out of the parking lot I figured it out. Whew! It would have been sooo embarrassing to tip over and lose my groceries. Visions of chasing oranges across the parking lot left my head, and I made it home just fine.

Yesterday, I was informed that I’m not updating the blog often enough. I guess now that I’m done spending time with Sully watching the Dr. Quinn DVDs, I need to get back to work. I was also informed that people like it when I’m funny, so I need to be writing more funny blogs. I’m not sure that I was ever funny, per se, but I’ll give it a go.

So in the spirit of being funny, I’ll tell you a joke that my little brother told me the other day.

A blonde walks into a library and goes up to the librarian at the counter.

Blonde: I’d like a hotdog.

Librarian: Ma’am, this is the library.

Blonde: (whispers)  I’d like a hotdog.