Wesley’s third birthday is tomorrow, and we had his party on Saturday. Like is the custom, the rain threatened to wash the whole town away, but the sun came out so we had a lovely humid afternoon for the party. We held it at the park, and the kids had a blast getting muddy.

We (er, I guess I should say I) decided to make his party a green party. I borrowed tin and enamelware plates from my aunt, my mom helped me to make napkins from red and white checkered fabric, and everyone drank from tin cups or Mason jars. We served lemonade and tea, hamburgers and hot dogs, and chips. I’m pretty happy with how little waste and paper we left in the trashcans when we left. The entertainment was rides in my step dad’s buggy, and we didn’t do goody bags or anything like that.

We had asked everyone not to bring any gifts, but everyone broke the rules. Oh, well, Wesley really enjoys his new gifts, and everyone was awesome about not bringing battery powered junk. (Thanks guys, I appreciate it!) He still hasn’t gotten his present from Ryan and I yet, because we want to give it to him on his actual birthday. His gift from us is a backhoe for a sand box. I can’t wait to see his reaction!