I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out over on Etsy.

I’ve always thought it was a neat site, with all the handmade items. I even bought Alice a necklace (from this Etsy seller) that will go in her time capsule on her first birthday, to be opened when she turns sixteen. (In 2024!!!!!! Holy cow, I’ll be forty years old!)

                                        Alice In Wonderland Drink Me Necklace Prim

Anyway, I love the idea of supporting crafters and artists, most of whom are right here in America, working from their own homes. I love buying stuff that isn’t mass produced crap.

But as soon as I found out that they had an entire section of vintage and antique items, it was all over. I became an Etsy addict.

Look at all the awesome old stuff I’ve found:

                                     Vintage 1950's Turquoise Bread Box

I don’t need a breadbox, because there is one built-in to my cabinets, but if I did, I would buy this one.

                                     OLD 1980 STEEL STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE LUNCHBOX LB

I actually found a Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox, like this one, at a flea market in town, except the one at the flea market comes with the thermos and it’s a bit cheaper. Yup, I’m heading back to the flea market tomorrow to buy it. Hey, Alice will need a lunchbox in five or six years, right?

                                       Vintage Smith-Corona Aqua Teal Blue Suitcase Typewriter

Computer-shmuter. I need a teal typewriter, darn it!

                                         Genuine Forties Fiestaware Dinner Plate

Can you tell I’m really digging the color teal lately? This Fiestaware plate really grabs me. Lucky for me, I spotted several just like it at a different flea market in town. They are a  few dollars higher, but no shipping charges, so I’m all set.

                                         Vintage Suitcase

Ha! It’s not teal. It is totally groovy though. However, my mom has an enormous turquoise suitcase, and I have such fond memories of traveling with it. When I was 17, I flew to California all by myself to visit family. That suitcase was such a breeze to spot on the baggage claim belt amongst all of the black and tan luggage.  Interestingly enough, this suitcase is sold by a seller called FuzzyMemories.