“Oh, Pa, let’s go on west!”
“I know, little Half-Pint,” said Pa, and his voice was very kind. “You and I want to fly like the birds. “

I think one of the main reasons I’ve always felt so connected to Laura Ingalls Wilder is because we both have itchy feet. She was always longing to keep going west, never to settle down in one place for too long. I feel the same way. I can’t leave my family, so instead of going west, I move to different houses.

After about two years, I get this claustrophobic feeling and I get the urge to move. I’m one of those strange people who actually LIKE moving. I like the whole process, from going to all the local grocery stores to scavenge for free cardboard boxes to packing away all the knick-knacks to settling in the new home. I adore house hunting, and even when I’m happy in a house I spend a great deal of time searching the real estate ads in the paper and on-line.

But this time, I’m going to have to stifle my desire to move, because it just isn’t gonna happen. My small house dreams are just going to have to keep waiting.

So instead of getting a new house, I’ve decided to change the way my current house looks. I think changing things up a bit might give me an extra year or so before I smother under this feeling.

I have big plans for painting all the rooms in the house. To keep it green, I need to find low VOC paints. I’m happy with this, because I hate the smell of paint fumes. And especially since I have kids in the house, I don’t want to have to worry about what chemicals they are breathing in.

I’ve decided to do a ’50s retro inspired theme, that will be super fun and cheerful. Maybe a little too cheerful…


Yesterday I spray painted these two things this crazy aqua color. This is going to be one of the colors in my new overly cheerful house. One of the other colors will be green – like a Granny Smith apple green.

And this is the fabric I ordered for some kitchen curtains:

                                     Sky Blue Cherry Confections - Robert Kaufman Fabric - 1 Yard

Yes, it will be bright. It will be cheerful. So if you come to visit, wear your shades.