I’ve been dreaming of getting a new mattress for years now. Ryan and I have been sleeping on what is basically a rock for the last five years. It was given to us for free, so we certainly weren’t complaining, but I’m pretty sure that the mattress was manufactured roughly around the Civil War. I’m surprised it’s not stuffed with straw.  

Did you know that all mattresses off-gas, and the longer you have them, the worse they are? Mixing toxic chemicals with your dead skin cells and sweat simply makes it worse over the years. First of all…gross. Like, really, really gross. Second of all, that really can’t be good for you.

Some common chemicals in standard mattresses include formaldehyde, styrene, butadiene and other petroleum derivatives. Mmm…comfy and cozy. Nothing like cuddling up with the same chemical used to preserve dead people.

So, of course, I’ve been looking into organic mattresses. And, of course, they are totally and completely out of my price range. Sigh.

A standard king-sized mattress can be bought for around $800. An organic king-sized mattress runs from about $3 to 4,000. And of course, since I do live in BFE, I’d have to include shipping costs in with that mattress.

Darn. It looks like I have very few options here. I really hate to shell out the money for a standard, chemical-stuffed mattress, but on the other hand, I really CAN’T shell out the dough for the lovely chemical-free version. Most of my vehicles have cost less than that. And then on the OTHER hand (how many hands do I have, anyway?) I really cannot stand sleeping on my current mattress anymore. Although I did say that I like vintage things, I didn’t quite mean it when it comes to the mattress I’m sleeping on.