Yesterday while prowling through a big antique mall (one of my all-time favorite things to do) I came across an entire booth dedicated to vintage linens and other textiles.

I practically dove into the booth, much to Ryan’s dismay, and finally came back out holding several different sets of cloth napkins to ask his opinion. When I asked him if he liked the gold napkins or the white ones with the little flower embroidered on the corner, he rolled his eyes and answered neither. I took that to mean that he liked the flower embroidered set better and tossed them into our cart.

Then I spotted the cutest half-apron EVER. I have never worn an apron before, but I think that it would be a good idea. I’m constantly ruining my clothes while cooking, and my primary argument for staying in my pajamas all day is that I’m not going anywhere, so why ruin my clothes if no one is going to see them?

But then, dummy that I am, put the apron back down and backed slowly out of the booth, with just my napkins and a really awesome silhouette picture. (I added the orange felt behind her, she looked really plain before.)


Once at home, I really began regretting not getting the apron. The fabric was so cute, and it really would be handy to have.

So I hopped on Etsy and began searching. The new aprons were so adorable, but they were a bit out of my price range. So in the vintage section, I found these:

Aren’t they cute? The one in the middle has owls on it. That’s what sold me. I got all three for $15.

Yup. I’m officially June Cleaver.