One of my very favorite things is peeking in other people’s houses. I love seeing how other people live, and there is nothing like seeing what is hanging on their walls and sitting on shelves to help you get to know a person. Now before you get all worried that I’m some kind of creepy Peeping Tom, hiding in bushes and lurking around under windows, I usually wait until I’m invited in, either in real life or virtually. I love it when bloggers post pictures of their homes.

We moved into the new Little House in March, and have been working steadily (er…more or less.) ever since to make it a cute and fun place to live. Tons of paint, a little bit of beadboard, and fun vintage accessories have helped to make it a comfy home that reflects our (or at least, my) tastes.

Our sunny kitchen

The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in the house. This wasn’t the case when we first moved in. Before we put up the beadboard backsplash, there was dark green flowered wallpaper, which really made the whole room seem dark. The kitchen cabinets were white with black handles, but they were dingy and dull. And the adorable spice shelf? That was an old window, that had been filled in with plywood. Of course, I’m never completely satisfied. Now I’m looking at my cabinets and thinking they would be even better if they were a bright glossy red. Oh well, maybe someday. (Someday I’ll give you a peek of the inside of the cabinets. They are a bright, fun turquoise inside.)

Vintage aprons and dancing chickens

 One of my favorite things in the house: My vintage aprons, and my dancing chicken art. I won the dancing chickens in a blog giveaway from this amazing blogger. (I also won an adorable handmade wallet and zippered bag, both of which I use every day, as well as two cute little soft matryoshka dolls.)  

Alice sitting on the couch in our living room.

Our living room. It’s not nearly as put together and decorated as I would like. The repurposed china cabinet is my favorite thing in the room. It holds all of my favorite books in the top, the kids’ art supplies in the drawer, and the kids’ books in the bottom cabinet. (Psst…you can see my matryoshka dolls on the middle shelf, right smack in the center.)

Wesley and Alice's room

Art in the kids' room

I lied. Actually, the kids’ room is my favorite room in the house. I adore the color on the walls, and the green quilt on Wesley’s bed. (I’m still on the lookout for a girly quilt for Alice’s bed. I started a quilt in December that I hoped to have done by now, but I’m lazy.) I adore the art on their walls and the homemade kitchen. (Seen in the first picture. Ryan made it for the kids for Christmas.)

The pictures on either end came from this fantastic Etsy seller. I spent ages searching through the art on Etsy before I found  Trafalgar Square’s shop and just fell in love. I made the sillouettes of the kids, and the yellow framed print is a picture from a 1933 math book. Can you see the little girls, in the kitchen cooking and taking care of dolls, and the little boys outside, building something? Ah…I love it.

Thanks for stopping by the tour of my Little House. I’m sure if you were here in real life, we’d sit in these chairs and watch the kids zoom around the deck on their bicycles.