I spent several hours today working in my garden, and I feel like I accomplished a lot.

It still amazes me everytime I stick a tiny little seed in the ground and it sprouts and turns into food. I love nature!

Beautiful green beans!

Totally organic beans. Some of the leaves are getting a little eaten by something, but the beans are doing fantastically. (And don’t worry: one of my evening tasks was to weed the beans.)

Gourds, growing up a fence.

These are something I planted just for fun. They are luffa gourds. (AKA: loufa gourds.) Yeah, that’s right, loufas. As in the thing that you can scrub your body with instead of a sponge. Although they are edible, I grew them with the intention of drying them out and using them as sponges.

Close up of the luffa vines

I love the way their little vines wrap around the fence.

A storm rolling in over the garden.

I took this picture just to admire a wider view of my garden. The plants you see are (on the right, front to back) onions, potatoes, green beans, honeydew melons, popcorn, sweet corn, and (on the left, front to back) jalepenos, pimientos, chili peppers, tomatoes, green beans, kidney beans, anasazi beans, watermelon.

But after I took the picture I looked up and saw the sky.

Storm over the prairie

Then came the wind. It blew over a metal lawn chair and took a plastic bucket halfway across the yard. The temperature dropped twenty degrees. I ran inside and grabbed a laundry basket and ripped the clothes off the line, and Ryan dashed to roll up the car windows. And then, suddenly, out of nowhere…nothing happened. Two raindrops fell and then the wind stopped blowing and the sun came out and it got hot and humid again.

Gotta love Kansas weather!

So I went back out and weeded the beans. The kids played some game that Wesley made up about Mario and Luigi (his biggest current obsession) until he got too bossy and Alice declared that she wasn’t happy anymore.

Alice and her beans.

But green beans do make Alice happy, so all is well.

The day wasn’t over yet. Ryan spent a couple hours tilling in my grandma’s garden, and was paid with a bag of romaine lettuce, two jars of her amazing apple butter, and six blackberry bush starts. Definitely a fair barter!