If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you may or may not have noticed that I am a big fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her Little House series of books. (This is no doubt a shocking statement. Surely I have never mentioned Little House before!)

I first read Little House on the Prairie when I was eight years old, and bored out of my mind. I had found the book in my grandma’s basement, and the back cover sounded exciting, even if the front cover didn’t interest me at all. (The back cover describes a scene where wolves surround the cabin, and Pa and Laura are looking out at their glittering eyes. It’s slightly more sensationalized than what actually happened in the book, but I can forgive that.) I cracked the book open and was instantly hooked. It didn’t take long to devour the rest of the series, plus any and all biographies about Laura and her daughter Rose Wilder Lane.

My book collection, and Alice's rag doll, Emily, made by my mom.

This is my second set of books, as I read the first set to absolute shreds.

In the fifth grade, I wrote to each of the Little House homesites (this was in the days before the internet!) and they sent me back information, postca rds and bookmarks. I still have all these things stashed in an envelope in my closet.

I have visited the Independence, Kansas homesite three times, Mansfield, Missouri twice, and De Smet, South Dakota and Walnut Grove, Minnesota once each. I have a rock pulled from the banks of Plum Creek, mere feet from where Laura’s dugout once stood. (I like to imagine that this particular rock was tossed into the water by Laura herself.)

I’ve based much of my life around things I’ve read in Little House books. My obsession with small houses started because of these books, not to mention my obsession with living on a prairie. I like to base life decisions around WWLD? (What would Laura do?)

I’ve also seen every single episode of the 1970s drama Little House on the Prairie, starring Melissa Gilbert as Laura.

Melissa Gilbert

And now, on Thursday night, I’m going to the Little House on the Prairie musical, starring Melissa Gilbert as Ma!

I am so geekily excited. I’m going with my sister-in-law and neice, and I couldn’t possibly be more thrilled. When she first told me about the Little House musical coming to The City I almost screamed with excitement. Thankfully she didn’t hold it against me, and invited me to go along with her.

I hope she doesn’t recind her invitation when I show up in two braids.

Or if I scream and faint when I see Melissa Gilbert.

And if I get the chance, I’m soooo asking Melissa Gilbert for her autograph.

Don’t worry, though. I’ve decided to leave my sun bonnet at home. I didn’t want to overdo it.