Trying to see the stage at the Little House on the Prairie musical

We could not have had a more perfect night for the Little House on the Prairie musical. As you can see, it’s an outdoor theater. The weather was perfect. Not hot, and not cold. Not humid, either, which is a Midwestern Miracle. There was a full moon and a light breeze. Like I said, perfect.

There were approximately ten bajillion people there, so my hopes for getting Melissa Gilbert’s autograph were quickly dashed. But that’s okay. Knowing I was a mere two hundred yards or so from someone I’ve watched on TV since I was nine years old was pretty cool. Her voice sounded exactly the same as when she was on the original Little House series. And she looked eerily similar, too. Well, from what I could see through my opra glasses Wesley’s camo bird watching binoculars. And he’s messed something up, so only one eye hole worked. Oh, well. I’m glad I thought to stash them in my purse. (Along with my camera. And my Little House book, in hopes that I could get some autographs. And a pen, you know, just in case. My purse was stuffed.)

I loved the girl who played Laura. Her name is Kara Lindsay, and I thought she did a fantastic job. Her voice was amazing, and she was a great actress. She played Laura as a young girl, all the way up to her marriage to Almanzo Wilder, who was played by Kevin Massey, who was also really great. My very favorite song was called “Faster,” and in it, Laura and Almanzo are riding in Almanzo’s horse-drawn sled over the prairie, on their way from Laura’s teaching job back to her home.

The musical was a compilation of all the books, from On the Shores of Silver Lake all the way through These Happy Golden Years. There were a lot of lines directly from the book, including my favorite scene of all, the one in which Almanzo asks Laura to marry him.

From These Happy Golden Years:

“I was wondering if you would like an engagement ring.”
“That would depend on who offered it to me,” Laura told him.
“If I should?” Almanzo asked.
“Then it would depend on the ring,” Laura answered, and drew her hand away.

 A few days later, Almanzo arrives to take Laura on a ride.

Then, driving with one hand, with the other Almanzo lifted Laura’s, and she felt something cool slip over her first finger while he reminded her, “You said it would depend on the ring. How do you like this one?”
“It is a beautiful ring,” Laura said. “I think…I would like to have it.”

That night, after Laura tells her Ma and Pa about the engagement, Ma quietly says,

“If only you are sure, Laura. Sometimes I think it is the horses you care for, more than their master.”
“I couldn’t have one without the other,” Laura answered shakily.
Then Ma smiled at her, Pa cleared his throat gruffly and Laura knew they understood what she was too shy to say.

To sum it up, I was impressed with the entire musical. Everyone was fantastic. I was going to point out the other actresses and actors who were amazing, but I would have ended up listing the entire cast. Kate Loprest, who played Nellie, got a lot of laughs. I was super impressed with the little girl who played Carrie, who was only ten years old. I loooved the woman who played Eliza Jane and Mrs. Brewster.

Of course, no night would be complete without a little adventure. Just before we arrived back at my house, as we were driving down the gravel road, we saw a mass of black fur in the road. Apparently Mama Skunk thought it was a grand idea to give birth smack in the middle of the road. Daddy Skunk must have been a bit apprehensive, because he was pacing around on the side of the road. And of course, once they staked their claim, we were not welcome, and they let us know by lifting their tails and giving us a nice spray as we passed. Thanks for the welcome home, Mr. and Mrs. Skunk!